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Our criminal charges have been dropped!!!

After the prosecutor finally had a chance to review medical records and talk to Steve’s doctor, he made the decision to drop all charges saying that he was not interested in pursuing prosecutions on genuine patients who legitimately use cannabis for treatment.

This has been a 10-month long nightmare of a process which has taught us many things about the Justice System. We started the Michigan chapter of The Human Solution to help others through the process as well. I’m glad that part is over for us, though THS-Michigan will still be active.

Now we can move forward with our sole focus on the fight to get Bree home!

For more information on the dropped charges, read here: http://www.lansingcitypulse.com/lansing/article-9388-charges-dropped-against-greens.html

Today Bree finally got to see her other siblings! We took my step-children (Steve’s 3 kids) with us to our visit with Bree. They missed her so much! Katelyn kept stealing her away from me, Trinity would not move more than 3 inches away from her, and Alex swarmed her for kisses for twice as long as he usually does (before running off to ride bikes in the driveway!).

There wasn’t a dull moment while Katelyn fed her the bottle, Trinity tried “helping” her crawl, I gave her a little of my newest homemade baby food, and then we sat together as we ate pizza and apple pie for Trin’s birthday. Sleepy-eyed, Bree finally gave in to sleep in my arms after being bounced crazy. Everyone kept laughing at her because she would sing while I was bouncing her and it sounded so funny!

As always, the visit was too short and we had to pack up and leave. We took the other kids to the Renaissance Festival this evening with our extra time. I had never been there before but it was certainly an experience I will never forget. I had a good time walking around, though I can’t wrap my head around the number of people who spend almost $25 each just to go into a place where you just have to shell out more and more money for everything! It’s like paying to go shopping. But in the end, we had 3 jousting champions who became Knights of the Realm and that was good enough for us!

So many people have asked me, “Why don’t you just plea, wouldn’t it be easier?”

Yes, I’m learning every day how much easier it would be. If I pled guilty even to a felony, I’d be halfway done with my probation by now, I’d still have custody of my kids, I’d still have my job, I’d still have my livelihood.

Did I make the right decision?! The more I stand strong, the harder this hurts. The problem is, if I was still blind to the benefits of marijuana, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem taking the heat.

But how can I call myself principled, how could I sleep at night knowing how much cannabis has helped my family, saved my family, but not fight for its freedom?!  Steve would be dead or severely disabled right now without it, I wouldn’t have Bree, I would be an empty shell living my life daily in pain, lonely, and miserable.

This is what I was living with before cannabis – a cocktail of prescribed medications in an UNSUCCESSFUL effort to curb his seizures. Not only was he still suffering brain-damaging and potentially fatal seizures, but he was also in no state to function for himself, let alone take care of me or a child.


The question surging through my brain tonight is how much suffering is worth the fight to not go back to that??

Fox 2 Detroit is one of the biggest news stations in the state, they also syndicated this story across the nation.

Moms Group Plans to Protest Outside DHS

6-month-old taken from parents who grow, use medical marijuana

Another family’s child custody threatened over medical marijuana license

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Judge: Baby Bree’s parents will not regain custody

Fox aired at least one of these stories on their broadcasts in Phoenix, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Tampa Bay, Grand Rapids, and Chicago (and probably more).

Well we’ve done a couple more interviews today. Bonnie Bucqueroux, my favorite reporter on our stories, had us in studio for the Lansing Radio out of Lansing Community College. It was nice being on the show and I will make sure to add the link to the page soon. We also had a small 7-minute interview with a radio station from San Fransisco. Infowars coming up on Thursday.

I’m hoping to get a good sleep tonight. We get to head out to visit Bree tomorrow. Many thanks to my friend Mel who is letting us sleep on her sofa-bed so we can spend most of Wednesday with Bree also! I’ve got a list of things I need to take to my parents tomorrow so hopefully I don’t forget it all. My dad is loving having a baby around again. Apparently his favorite part is laying her down to sleep. She’s such a great baby, there’s no way you couldn’t love caring for her!

Until the next day, I love all of you and the support that you give us!