For most, Mother’s Day is a wonderful day of smiles and warmth and love celebrating the beautiful babies in your life. But for some, Mother’s Day can be the darkest day of the year. For a mother missing one or more of her children, Mother’s Day is just another heartbreaking reminder of the gigantic hole in her heart.

This year will be the first time since my son was born that I’ve been without one of my children for Mother’s Day. I want to be able to snuggle him, protect him, and tell him how much I love him. I want to see his smile and tickle his belly.

But I can’t. The court battle for him wages on and on.

Instead, Free Bree Foundation has decided to host an annual event called “Up, Up, and a Love” in which mother’s can honor and remember their absent children on Mother’s Day. Join us this Mother’s day as we release balloons for our children who are missing, taken, or passed.

up up and a love

We will write notes to our absent children and place them inside helium-filled latex heart balloons. The balloon release will take place at 3:00 in the afternoon. We put the messages in a heart so they will reach the hearts of our children!

There will be additional activities for other children and to celebrate all moms.

Every mother with an absent child on mother’s day has a difficult struggle on Mother’s Day while they grieve and yearn for their children. I hope this little bit of symbolism can give a small amount of peace to those mothers missing their babies!

Located at Richfield County Park, 6322 N. Irish Rd in Davison, MI  48423 on Mother’s Day, May 11th, 2014 and starts at 2:00pm.

Now that the baby’s back, you may be wondering where we will be going from here…

Well, we are officially becoming the Free Bree Foundation. We will continue to operate and focus on families being attacked by CPS for any reason, but particularly for marijuana cases. I will continue fundraising to pay for experts who can testify at trials to the safety of marijuana. I also want to use some of our funds to pay for research that will help families during trial also.

One of the research studies I’d like to do is on the hair-testing of infants. Testing like this is extremely rare and I believe we were blindsided by having this test done on Bree. I couldn’t find info on any other infant having a hair follicle test done, and I’d like to see what, if any, other things can contribute to the miniscule positive results we got on Bree’s test.

Another series of tests I’d like to have done has to do with breastfeeding moms who use marijuana. The research has already been done to show that children are not negatively affected by THC in the breastmilk. What I’m wondering is at what point does the THC metabolize and if the child is even getting THC in the breastmilk or if they’re getting the metabolite. This should be a relatively easy study, but I need a lactating woman who uses marijuana on a regular basis. If this is you, please contact me.

I’m also planning on having several links, seminars, and education for families who are going through the system. I just had a friend contact me this weekend who has just had a run-in with CPS and the police regarding marijuana.

ALSO: There is a rally across the nation on November 12, 2013 to express outrage at the Child Protection System. The one in Michigan is in Lansing at the DHS headquarters and it starts at noon. If you’ve been a victim of CPS, bring your empty strollers or other memorabilia of your children. (Something visual is best) Put a picture of them out. Prepare to talk to the media if you feel comfortable. The goal of this is to educate the public and make an outcry to change the CPS system or disband it altogether.

Please keep up-to-date on our page. There are many important things coming up that you will want to make sure you are a part of. Also – the website will be changing a bit so don’t be surprised when you see some new things! Thanks for supporting Bree!

I’m jumping for joy! This is the best news we’ve received in quite some time! Bree should be home either tomorrow or Monday!! The trial will not be happening on Monday!

So here are the details: Significant progress has been made in the case that will allow Bree to come home where she belongs and which will not give the court jurisdiction over her! Therefore, there is no plea, there is no sacrifice of the integrity of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. It is as though we are going back in time to go through steps that CPS should have offered before ever petitioning the court to remove her!

As long as we continue to show that we are being reasonable and they can be reasonable, all should be dropped at a review hearing in 30 days! And if not, we continue the fight exactly where we left off!

We get to have our baby home! And this should mean I get to see my son very shortly also! This is a great thing for us as a family and hopeful they’ve seen where they’ve gone wrong in dealing with Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan!

Wow! We had our Celebration for the case being dropped out of Oakland County paired with the fundraiser to raise money for expert testimony at the Bree Trial.

We couldn’t have been so successful without the contributions from several sponsors in the community. Bryan Rice cooked us some amazing barbeque pulled pork and chicken for sandwiches. Everyone loved the magical food! Rick Thompson was the Emcee who really livened the crowd! Great job everyone!

We started the afternoon with DJ Trivia all about Marijuana.  The questions were a little tricky and designed to help people learn some facts about cannabis. Everyone had a lot of fun the prizes were awesome. Our Comedienne Lisa Semerad had several people in stitches with her crude humor. Then we ended the party with a series of speakers. Joshua Covert, David Rudoi, Gersh Avery, Robin Schneider, and the Green’s all spoke about the importance of this case in Michigan and how the state has violated the law and how we will fight to get Bree back home.

We were able to raise just enough money to pay for 2 expert witnesses. They will both be instrumental in educating the public to the safety of marijuana and breaking the stigma of cannabis as medicine. I think they will help the overall culture of marijuana in Michigan when it comes to parenting and children, and could even prove to be significant nationwide. I am very hopeful for the outcome of the trial with these experts coming.

Now we just need to pray for clarity of the jurors.

Today is the one month “anniversary” of the day Bree was taken from our loving arms, though the word “anniversary” seems to imply something that should be celebrated. This is definitely not something for celebration. I’ve lost about 15% of her life – time that could never ever be replaced. Time that is filled with more changes than you can count. Inches grown, ounces gained, teeth emerged, crawling learned – just a few of the things that we’ve had to miss: just a few of the things I will never have memories of.

And all of this suffering and pain and loss over a plant?! Over an allegation?! Over the choice to successfully treat an illness when no other treatments worked?!

I know my ex is watching this site – he has started to defame our character yet again by posting comments on media links as “anonymous”. I wonder how a person can have such a tremendous amount of hate in their soul that they go to any length to destroy another family. It must be a miserable existence. It’s definitely not the way I would want to live my life.

He maintains that there are parts of the story I’m leaving out. It’s interesting how liars always accuse others of lying. I’m not going to tell you otherwise. I encourage everyone to come to the trial and see for yourself. If there’s parts of the story I’m leaving out, you will see it then. I’m certain my readers are intelligent enough to decipher the truth.

In the meantime - it’s already been a month since my poor infant child has been gone, and it will probably be at least 2 more weeks. On one hand I want that time to fly by so I have her back sooner. On the other hand I know we have so much to do before trial starts that I’m already wondering how I’m going to fit it all in. So while I can’t pray for less time or more time, I can pray for peace while all this takes place.

The emotional support we’ve gotten from you guys, the public, our peers, has been awesome. I love every bit of it! It really gives me the strength to keep going!

The unfortunate reality is that Bree’s case could make or break CPS investigations involving marijuana in the future, both medical and recreational use. What happens here is of vital importance to all parents who are cannabis users. It is very important that we put our best foot forward, and in order to do that, we need your help.

We have a few esteemed experts lined up to testify on our behalf. I’m truly thankful for these people and I think only with their help can we come out on top. But experts do cost money. We’re looking at $6,000 or more that we need ASAP so these experts can start making travel reservations.

So if you hear anyone asking why we may need to have a fundraiser, encourage them to read this. On a personal level, Bree is at stake. On a community level, all of our kids are at stake. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your generosity!!!

Tomorrow should have been the start of our trial. The end should have been near. Reality is that it’s too far off.

I see pictures of my baby more than I actually see her. I barely recognize her. Babies grow and change so quickly. I wish I could freeze time so she wouldn’t grow anymore and I wouldn’t miss one more milestone or moment of her young fleeting life!

I don’t see any pictures of my son. I try to write him letters, but I’m sure they get tossed in the garbage before they are ever given to him. Technically I’m allowed to see him, CPS dropped him from the petition to remove my kids from me. Practically, I can’t do it. His dad has successfully removed me from his life. The school doesn’t call me, the police won’t follow the court order, the judge is waiting on the CPS case to be over. Meanwhile, I’ve lost nearly 6 months of my son’s life in the last year.

I miss his random hugs. I miss him calling me mommy. I miss his smile. I even miss his excitement about telling me every last detail of the latest movie he saw. He loves movies and video games. When he was younger I would let him watch Monsters, Inc. In the opening credits there is a funky jazz piece that plays and he would always (and suddenly) jump up and dance doing a quick high-step of his feet all around the living room!

I have no idea how’s he’s doing in school. I didn’t get to participate in any tooth fairy activities. When he was 3, I had him at a playground with his step-siblings. He fell and busted his lip with his teeth. I was in an unfamiliar area and it took us a while to find an urgent-care center. By the time we go there, he no longer needed stitches because it finally stopped bleeding. A month or so later we knew that the damage had gone deep into his top left tooth because it was a bit blackened. I wanted to keep that tooth. The one that caused so much pain the day I held him close as he bled all over me. I’m sure its gone now.

I won’t stop trying to get him back. I know there will be pain associated with this time frame of his life. I know that he will have to come face-to-face with the lies his father told him and the emotional torture he put him through. I only hope that I can act in a manner wise enough to decrease that pain as much as possible. I’ve been vary careful not to inflict more confusion and agony than is already being dealt by the other side. I hope one day he can heal and he can know that I’ve always loved him and I always fought for him, even though he may not have seen it.

Our criminal charges have been dropped!!!

After the prosecutor finally had a chance to review medical records and talk to Steve’s doctor, he made the decision to drop all charges saying that he was not interested in pursuing prosecutions on genuine patients who legitimately use cannabis for treatment.

This has been a 10-month long nightmare of a process which has taught us many things about the Justice System. We started the Michigan chapter of The Human Solution to help others through the process as well. I’m glad that part is over for us, though THS-Michigan will still be active.

Now we can move forward with our sole focus on the fight to get Bree home!

For more information on the dropped charges, read here:

Today Bree finally got to see her other siblings! We took my step-children (Steve’s 3 kids) with us to our visit with Bree. They missed her so much! Katelyn kept stealing her away from me, Trinity would not move more than 3 inches away from her, and Alex swarmed her for kisses for twice as long as he usually does (before running off to ride bikes in the driveway!).

There wasn’t a dull moment while Katelyn fed her the bottle, Trinity tried “helping” her crawl, I gave her a little of my newest homemade baby food, and then we sat together as we ate pizza and apple pie for Trin’s birthday. Sleepy-eyed, Bree finally gave in to sleep in my arms after being bounced crazy. Everyone kept laughing at her because she would sing while I was bouncing her and it sounded so funny!

As always, the visit was too short and we had to pack up and leave. We took the other kids to the Renaissance Festival this evening with our extra time. I had never been there before but it was certainly an experience I will never forget. I had a good time walking around, though I can’t wrap my head around the number of people who spend almost $25 each just to go into a place where you just have to shell out more and more money for everything! It’s like paying to go shopping. But in the end, we had 3 jousting champions who became Knights of the Realm and that was good enough for us!