So many people have asked me, “Why don’t you just plea, wouldn’t it be easier?”

Yes, I’m learning every day how much easier it would be. If I pled guilty even to a felony, I’d be halfway done with my probation by now, I’d still have custody of my kids, I’d still have my job, I’d still have my livelihood.

Did I make the right decision?! The more I stand strong, the harder this hurts. The problem is, if I was still blind to the benefits of marijuana, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem taking the heat.

But how can I call myself principled, how could I sleep at night knowing how much cannabis has helped my family, saved my family, but not fight for its freedom?!  Steve would be dead or severely disabled right now without it, I wouldn’t have Bree, I would be an empty shell living my life daily in pain, lonely, and miserable.

This is what I was living with before cannabis – a cocktail of prescribed medications in an UNSUCCESSFUL effort to curb his seizures. Not only was he still suffering brain-damaging and potentially fatal seizures, but he was also in no state to function for himself, let alone take care of me or a child.


The question surging through my brain tonight is how much suffering is worth the fight to not go back to that??

Well we’ve done a couple more interviews today. Bonnie Bucqueroux, my favorite reporter on our stories, had us in studio for the Lansing Radio out of Lansing Community College. It was nice being on the show and I will make sure to add the link to the page soon. We also had a small 7-minute interview with a radio station from San Fransisco. Infowars coming up on Thursday.

I’m hoping to get a good sleep tonight. We get to head out to visit Bree tomorrow. Many thanks to my friend Mel who is letting us sleep on her sofa-bed so we can spend most of Wednesday with Bree also! I’ve got a list of things I need to take to my parents tomorrow so hopefully I don’t forget it all. My dad is loving having a baby around again. Apparently his favorite part is laying her down to sleep. She’s such a great baby, there’s no way you couldn’t love caring for her!

Until the next day, I love all of you and the support that you give us!

We got to Visit Bree today! We spent more than 4 hours going to the store, playing at the mall, and eating out. Bree’s first 2 teeth have come through! They are super adorable and she’s really learning how to use them! She chews on everything. They’re great for cheerios and it comes at perfect timing with her learning how to pick things up with her fingers. Plus, after months of me trying to get her to eat purees, unsuccessfully, she now eats full jars of anything you’ll give her. One other thing she’s done this week is say “Da-Da” and we even have a recording of it to treasure forever! I’m looking forward to the extended visits this coming week which will make things much more bearable after barely seeing her last week.