Our criminal charges have been dropped!!!

After the prosecutor finally had a chance to review medical records and talk to Steve’s doctor, he made the decision to drop all charges saying that he was not interested in pursuing prosecutions on genuine patients who legitimately use cannabis for treatment.

This has been a 10-month long nightmare of a process which has taught us many things about the Justice System. We started the Michigan chapter of The Human Solution to help others through the process as well. I’m glad that part is over for us, though THS-Michigan will still be active.

Now we can move forward with our sole focus on the fight to get Bree home!

For more information on the dropped charges, read here: http://www.lansingcitypulse.com/lansing/article-9388-charges-dropped-against-greens.html

Fox 2 Detroit is one of the biggest news stations in the state, they also syndicated this story across the nation.

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Fox aired at least one of these stories on their broadcasts in Phoenix, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Tampa Bay, Grand Rapids, and Chicago (and probably more).