For most, Mother’s Day is a wonderful day of smiles and warmth and love celebrating the beautiful babies in your life. But for some, Mother’s Day can be the darkest day of the year. For a mother missing one or more of her children, Mother’s Day is just another heartbreaking reminder of the gigantic hole in her heart.

This year will be the first time since my son was born that I’ve been without one of my children for Mother’s Day. I want to be able to snuggle him, protect him, and tell him how much I love him. I want to see his smile and tickle his belly.

But I can’t. The court battle for him wages on and on.

Instead, Free Bree Foundation has decided to host an annual event called “Up, Up, and a Love” in which mother’s can honor and remember their absent children on Mother’s Day. Join us this Mother’s day as we release balloons for our children who are missing, taken, or passed.

up up and a love

We will write notes to our absent children and place them inside helium-filled latex heart balloons. The balloon release will take place at 3:00 in the afternoon. We put the messages in a heart so they will reach the hearts of our children!

There will be additional activities for other children and to celebrate all moms.

Every mother with an absent child on mother’s day has a difficult struggle on Mother’s Day while they grieve and yearn for their children. I hope this little bit of symbolism can give a small amount of peace to those mothers missing their babies!

Located at Richfield County Park, 6322 N. Irish Rd in Davison, MI  48423 on Mother’s Day, May 11th, 2014 and starts at 2:00pm.

Under Attack

Today, in a direct blow to the Free Bree case, Michigan Senator Rick Jones introduced a bill that would be disastrous to all parents who are also medical marijuana patients in Michigan. This bill states that if the parents legal use of marijuana “MIGHT BE” interfering with their ability to care for their child, the courts will be allowed to mandate:

- that the parent STOP their cannabis treatment

- that the parents MUST sign a medical release form to view all medical records

- that the parent MUST submit to an “independent” (read court’s) medical exam to determine if the marijuana is actually necessary

In other words, if someone doesn’t like you (like an ex) and makes a complaint with CPS, your entire medical treatment plan can be ripped apart! You will be forced to give up your constitutional rights to privacy and medical treatment as you see fit!

If this was approved last year – Bree’s dad would have continued having seizures. Any one of those seizures could have ended his life or put him in a vegetative state. We would have been stripped of our HIPAA rights. And a doctor paid for by the court would NEVER had said that marijuana was the only thing necessary to treat his seizures! (The Federal Government makes it illegal to say that ANY natural remedy actually treats anything, much less that it is “necessary”. A doctor who said that would lose their license to practice) The court-funded doctor would have instructed him to go back on the pills that nearly ruined our lives.

What can you do?

    • Call your Senator! Click this link or the one in the sidebar to find out who your Senator is. Not sure what to say? Keep reading for a list of ideas.
    • Clickthis link to go to facebook and share the memes everywhere you can think of! The walls of fellow patients, in MMJ groups, in Activism groups, and on pages of businesses and non-profits.
    • Write to the News Media and let them know you are outraged by the introduction of this bill.
    • Subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to keep up-to-date about this bill and how it is progressing.
    • Tell your friends to call their senators too!


Not sure what to say?

  • It is not appropriate for the state to take our health care into their own hands. The right to choose healthcare is your own, and your doctor and you are the experts of your health. Is it appropriate for the government to intervene in this relationship and take over your health care choices?
  • We demand to be treated with the same respect that is afforded to other, more traditional patients. Someone who is using a prescription of Keppra or Xanax or Morphine for their severe medical condition would not be mandated to stop their treatment under an accusation made to CPS. The courts would not be allowed to view all medical records or change the treatment just because they may not say that the prescription was necessary. These amendments are an attack on marijuana patients only. There is no other class of people that is called out specifically in Child Protection Laws. DISCRIMINATION
  • This bill takes away the right to be presumed innocent. If you have to face consequences and penalties (by not having treatment for your serious or debilitating condition) just because your treatment COULD be affecting your parenting, then you are already being treated as though you are guilty of letting that treatment affect your parenting.
  • Talk about Baby Bree and how this bill would have affected her. Tell them that you support the Green family and the family’s choice to stop his seizures naturally. And how a good loving family would have been destroyed by this bill.
  • Talk about the incessant attacks on marijuana patients in Michigan and we’re TIRED of it! We’re sick… we shouldn’t have to fight both our illness and the government!
  • Tell them that you know that someone can be both a bad parent AND a marijuana user – but one does not cause the other. If a person was going to ignore their children, they would do it whether they used marijuana or not. A parent who shows evidence of abusing or neglecting their child should go through services and proceed to trial just the same as every other parent, and based only on the evidence of the abuse or neglect, NOT on the evidence of marijuana use. Since there are already laws that provide for the removal of children in a bad situation, this bill is an unnecessary form of torture for sick parents going through investigations.
  • Do you think it is right to force a parent to choose between their health (or life) and their child?



At this very moment I’m walking up and down the sidewalk holding a sign that says “free my sunshine”. I’m using voice to text-so please excuse any grammatical errors.

Only a couple miles down the road, a big U of M football game is preparing to begin. The building of the washtenaw county service center looks vacant. But the reality is that a very important hearing is taking place inside. It is in regards to seven-day-old nursing baby Layla, who was forcibly taken from her mother’s arms the night before Thanksgiving.

Certainly, only terrible abuse or neglect would warrant the removal of such a young infant the night before a holiday, right? As you probably know, that is not the case. Layla lived in a clean home, was well fed, and has never been abused. The removal order states The reason for this drastic measure as being “noncompliance with CPS requests”.

Some people will read that and say, “then she was asking for it. She should have done what they asked.” I contend that is still not a reason to remove a bonding nursing infant from its mother. And what if the requests were unreasonable? What if they thought she was lying about not knowing the father of her baby, and demanding she release his name? What if they request that you set aside your constitutional rights in order to mollify their wishes? Or what if they lied altogether about making requests simply because they saw the price tag on this easy target?

Nothing less than actual harm – that is what removal orders should be used for. We as a people need to be more concerned with preserving a family and protecting the mother-child bond that is so fragile in infancy.

Please write to the Washtenaw County Family Courts , and ask that they return baby Layla to her loving mother.