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    Bryan Bogasky
    Posted December 5, 2013 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

    I’m currently in a case a year and a half old.After seperation with my sons mother, Hanna cared for my son for 4 and a half months 6/6/11-10/20/11. 10/11 Hanna came to me saying that it would be best if I cared for son/Sage cause she was unable. My son resided with me from 10/10 to 4/20/11 when Hanna had both of her children removed from her care for abuse where Sage was the “placed” in my care. Sage resided with me until 12/1/12 until an agreement with a former friend fell through causing me to lose housing. Hanna was unfit to care for him and I didn’t have a qualifying person to watch him. So DHS filed a petition and he was placed in foster care. In court the judge asked if it was the case workers understanding that Sage was removed due to lack of housing. The worker stated that was the case. when I needed to return to work on Mackinac Island as a tour driver and guide. 4/13. At a review hearing the case worker(amy Lilienthall{Osceola}) Stated that if I had a local job or where able to take Sage with me that she would move to place him back with me. 9/13 a new case worker from holy cross was handed the case (matt matteau)who was smitten with Hanna and from the first contact Matt has made it quite clear that “Hanna was here and you were OFF ON THE ISLAND.” In court 12/2/13 Matt recomended that sage be placed with his mother since it was likely that I would return to Mackinac and would not be “there” so his recomendation is with Hanna cause “she will be “THERE”)in court on record. So As a registered patient with severe limitations I am unable to find other work that can accomadate me so I started my own plants(top quality and proven with no shortage of legal demand. I have 2 people that want to be my patients.
    At the moment I do not have any patients to avoid the argument of “traffic”. My bills are $550 untill my house is paid off in 2 more years. With only my 12 plants. Minus my consumption of half an oz a month. I have 11 oz of overages. At a VERY conservative $200 an oz(dispesory in Cadillac)I now have a sustainable income of $2200 every 8 weeks. Or $550 every 2 weeks to match the cycle. I have never posed any type of harm to my son. I had issues with putting myself out and helping others to where I impoverished my family. LIke they say: If you trust somone completey from the start you gain 1 of 2 things: A friend for life or a lesson for….. I learned a very big lesson which is to have your life completey secure before you help others. I have an FTM 12/16/13 at 12:30 where I planned to lay out how I will be “THERE”

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