At this very moment I’m walking up and down the sidewalk holding a sign that says “free my sunshine”. I’m using voice to text-so please excuse any grammatical errors.

Only a couple miles down the road, a big U of M football game is preparing to begin. The building of the washtenaw county service center looks vacant. But the reality is that a very important hearing is taking place inside. It is in regards to seven-day-old nursing baby Layla, who was forcibly taken from her mother’s arms the night before Thanksgiving.

Certainly, only terrible abuse or neglect would warrant the removal of such a young infant the night before a holiday, right? As you probably know, that is not the case. Layla lived in a clean home, was well fed, and has never been abused. The removal order states The reason for this drastic measure as being “noncompliance with CPS requests”.

Some people will read that and say, “then she was asking for it. She should have done what they asked.” I contend that is still not a reason to remove a bonding nursing infant from its mother. And what if the requests were unreasonable? What if they thought she was lying about not knowing the father of her baby, and demanding she release his name? What if they request that you set aside your constitutional rights in order to mollify their wishes? Or what if they lied altogether about making requests simply because they saw the price tag on this easy target?

Nothing less than actual harm – that is what removal orders should be used for. We as a people need to be more concerned with preserving a family and protecting the mother-child bond that is so fragile in infancy.

Please write to the Washtenaw County Family Courts , and ask that they return baby Layla to her loving mother.

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    arianna roquemore
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    I hope Dalia wins and that CPS will be held accountable for their actions!

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