The Story

The first bit of this page is a short telling of my story from my perspective within days of the kidnapping. If you want to read a more detailed account, you can click on the chapter headings below. (As of this update, some of the chapters are still being written)

On Friday, September 13, my child was kidnapped by armed gunmen.

And sadly, I couldn’t call law enforcement to intervene and stop this horrific tragedy! Why? Because the armed gunmen in this case, were the police, along with other government officials from the State of Michigan.

I am a medical marijuana patient, because of Multiple Sclerosis, and caregiver sanctioned by the State of Michigan under MCL 333.26421-30 (aka MMMA). I have not used marijuana of any kind since at least January, and there’s proof of that through randomized twice weekly drug tests. My husband is a medical marijuana patient also registered in the State of Michigan to treat his epilepsy. He has not used marijuana of any kind since the beginning of June. It took some time for it to leave his system (his dose was twice what is recommended for a cancer patient in order to stop his seizures). Weekly random drug tests prove that his THC levels steadily decreased while it was leaving his system before it was finally absent his system in August.

4 years ago, I left an abusive marriage. While I didn’t get beat up all the time, I was emotionally tortured, sexually assaulted, and controlled. The man used that control to feed his being. He has yet to find a new object of control to take my place.

Earlier this summer, the Miscreant jumped at the chance to control me yet again. He found out I had been operating under section 8 of the MMMA in order to successfully treat my loving husband’s seizures. Suddenly he fabricated allegations that my son had returned from my house smelling of marijuana and with glazed eyes.

I was not able to see my son any longer, Miscreant just would not give him up. At that point I called law enforcement to do the job I mistakenly thought they are supposed to do, you know… enforce the law. They said they couldn’t. Even though I had joint legal custody, they could not facilitate the enforcement of our court order.

Almost 7 weeks later, we finally saw a judge about this. She ordered Miscreant to follow the court order regarding custody. She told him basically that she didn’t believe he was that concerned about his allegations since he had never called Protective Services.

The very next day, he took her up on that offer. Child Protective Services had been called to investigate my home because of allegations that I deal drugs in my home and that my husband and I smoke around the children. We gladly turned over evidence of our continued drug tests proving that the second allegation was false, since neither of us had been using marijuana in some time. We also quickly turned in copies of our valid cards that allow us the medical use of marijuana. Medical uses of marijuana include cultivation, transfer, and possession according to MCL 333.26423.

The official told us that we would be required to give them access to the plants so they could inspect the operation to make sure we are within guidelines. Upon the recommendation of our attorney, we did not allow them that access. The catch 22 is that the MMMA says that in order to receive the protection of the law, the plants must be accessible to one, and ONLY one person, by way of a locked and secured facility. If I was to willingly give them access (access without a warrant), I would then be violating that law and could then be charged with a crime. For that reason, I told them I would need a court order for them to enter my home.

3 days before the investigation was to be completed, they called a meeting where they would use every scare tactic and threat they have access to in an effort to get our consent to enter the home. We offered to allow them entry only if were given a signed statement that they would not require access to the locked garden, but they would not agree to that. We held strong and the meeting concluded with the information that they would be filing a petition with the judge to allow entry to our home.

The morning of the hearing, I was made aware over the phone that the petition was no longer an effort to enter the home, it was now a petition to remove all children from the home. By representation from a court appointed attorney, a preliminary hearing was held. Nobody needed to prove anything. This was a “show cause” hearing – they only had a present the idea that there might be a danger for the children in order to move the case forward to a trial and then to also determine if the children should stay or be removed until that trial takes place.

The hearing room was standing room only. At least 20 people from The Human Solution Michigan joined us to show support for Baby Bree and their disapproval of her being removed from our care. The Protective Services agency argued that since we had not let them in our home, they could not be sure there was no danger. The guardian ad litem, the man chosen to speak on behalf of the children, argued that there must be some solution like a court order to enter the home that would clear up that issue so the children could remain in the home. Protective Services testified that there was no chance of any such resolution and that removal was the only answer.

There was misrepresentations made about the drug test results, and in the effort of trying to clear that up, the referee refused to acknowledge that the tests between June and August showed declining levels and were not indicative of continued marijuana use.

Even after requests from the GAL, the referee said that since there were plants growing in the home even locked away from the children, there was still imminent danger to the children because homes with the presence of drugs have a higher risk of armed robbery, as evidenced by the Amaia Edmond shooting in 2010 where the child was caught in the cross-fire of a man trying to protect his home from invaders, and there were allegedly drugs in the home. The referee saw this possibility of danger as enough of a reason to remove a 6-month-old baby who feeds on breastmilk from the loving arms of her mother and father without any shred of actual evidence that she had been in danger.

I had to sit and weep helplessly as the 2 CPS officials and 2 police officers removed my baby girl from my care, with a communicated threat of arrest hanging over me. Screaming, I watched them drive away with my precious life-joy, the little girl that I sacrificed so much to make sure she was given natural treatments and home-made food and natural cloth diapers, was now out of my reach, stolen from me.

Following many withdrawn promises that the authorities used simply to manipulate me, Baby Bree is finally with her grandmother, despite repeated attempts to justify taking her to a foster home instead. This matter will not be revisited in court until October 7th. In the meantime, We do not get to visit our infant daughter outside of three regularly scheduled 1-hour supervised visitations per week. Our bonding has been interrupted, an action that has shown to be disruptive to the fragile developing brain and itself constitutes abuse and neglect according to researcher James W. Prescott.

When did America become content with law enforcement officials stealing little babies?




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    A drug house is no place for children. Good job law enforcement officials.

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