Today Bree finally got to see her other siblings! We took my step-children (Steve’s 3 kids) with us to our visit with Bree. They missed her so much! Katelyn kept stealing her away from me, Trinity would not move more than 3 inches away from her, and Alex swarmed her for kisses for twice as long as he usually does (before running off to ride bikes in the driveway!).

There wasn’t a dull moment while Katelyn fed her the bottle, Trinity tried “helping” her crawl, I gave her a little of my newest homemade baby food, and then we sat together as we ate pizza and apple pie for Trin’s birthday. Sleepy-eyed, Bree finally gave in to sleep in my arms after being bounced crazy. Everyone kept laughing at her because she would sing while I was bouncing her and it sounded so funny!

As always, the visit was too short and we had to pack up and leave. We took the other kids to the Renaissance Festival this evening with our extra time. I had never been there before but it was certainly an experience I will never forget. I had a good time walking around, though I can’t wrap my head around the number of people who spend almost $25 each just to go into a place where you just have to shell out more and more money for everything! It’s like paying to go shopping. But in the end, we had 3 jousting champions who became Knights of the Realm and that was good enough for us!

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