We got to Visit Bree today! We spent more than 4 hours going to the store, playing at the mall, and eating out. Bree’s first 2 teeth have come through! They are super adorable and she’s really learning how to use them! She chews on everything.¬†They’re great for cheerios and it comes at perfect timing with her learning how to pick things up with her fingers. Plus, after¬†months of me trying to get her to eat purees, unsuccessfully, she now eats full jars of anything you’ll give her. One other thing she’s done this week is say “Da-Da” and we even have a recording of it to treasure forever! I’m looking forward to the extended visits this coming week which will make things much more bearable after barely seeing her last week.

The week after taking Bree, the protest/press conference, the tv interviews, the visits with Bree, add the statement about Bree being a prize, the restrictions we are given. the review of the recommendation to be determined. Even include the review findings and how the judge is breaking the law.